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The Importance of Supporting School Health Promotion Strategies

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This website was created to act as a resource for schools to become Health Promoting Schools.  As you explore this website, you will find:

  • Information on how to become a health promoting school
  • What other schools are doing and their success stories
  • Reliable health and education websites, tools and other resources for your school and classroom
  • The latest health and education news
  • Upcoming professional development opportunities


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"We know that one of the major contributors to the childhood obesity epidemic is the over consumption of sugar sweetened beverages (SSB's). Examples of SSB's are soft drinks (pop), fruit "beverages" , "punches" or "cocktails" (bought or homemade), flavoured milk, sports drinks and flavoured coffees. These beverages are liquid candy and should rarely be served. 100% pure fruit juice does not contain added sugar but may well contribute to excess weight gain and portions should be limited. Aside from weight gain, a child who drinks too many SSB's may also have tooth decay, a small or picky appetite due to fullness from SSB's, and loose bowels or diarrhea due to problems digesting the sugars in the drinks."